Тут зібрані матеріали Kyiv Arbitration Days за попередні роки



Oleksiy Filatov: The recent reform of Ukrainian arbitration law

SESSION 1. Anything taken for granted?

Pelin Baysal: Document production the good or the evil?

SESSION 2. Threatened effectiveness

Annet van Hooft: Enforcement of Ethics: Overeager regulators?

Florian Haugeneder: Asset Tracing – when, how?

SESSION 3. The science or fiction of legal technology — time to adjust?

Sergey Alekhin: Smart Arbitration for Smart Contracts?

Olexander Martinenko: Kasparov vs. Computer

Eva Kalnina: AI as Arbitrator – Panacea or Problematic?

SESSION 4. Amendment of ICSID’s Rules and Regulations

Sabine Konrad, Philip Dunham, Marney Cheek: Amendment of ICSID’s Rules and Regulations


SECOND SESSION. The client: Your best enemy?
Eliza Gluszko Senior Associate at Garrigues (Poland) Presentation

SPECIAL PRESENTATION. “Nightmares on the state side: a selection of disturbing trends in investor-state arbitration”
Maksym Kodunov, Head of International Disputes Bureau of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine Presentation

THIRD SESSION. The confidence complex

James Freeman, Counsel at Allen & Overy LLP (UK) Presentation

Simon Sloane, Partner at Fieldfisher (UK) Presentation

Alexandre Khrapoutski, Partner at Sysouev, Bondar, Khrapoutski LLC (Belarus) Presentation

FOURTH SESSION. Show me the money

Zannis Mavrogordato, 20 Essex Street Chambers (UK) Presentation

Kostiantyn Likarchuk, Managing Partner at Kinstellar (Ukraine) Presentation

Tom Price, Partner at Gowling WLG (UK) Presentation

Stephen Jagusch, Partner at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan (UK) Presentation



FIRST SESSIONCases of Corruption

James Freeman Presentation

SECOND SESSIONThe Applicable Law

Galina Zukova Presentation

Vsevolod Volkov Presentation

Pavlo Byelousov Presentation

Scott Vesel Presentation

Simon Greenberg Adverse Inferences in International Arbitral Practice

THIRD SESSIONThe evidentiary dilemma

Markiyan Kliuchkovskyi Presentation

Oleksandr Volkov Presentation

Carol Welu Presentation

Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts Presentation

FOURTH SESSIONSanctions and Consequences

Olga Vorozhbyt Presentation

Anna Tkachova Presentation

Christopher Moore Presentation


Soteris Pittas “Recognition and enforcement of Ukrainian judgments in Cyprus and the available interim relief under Cyprus law”

SECOND SESSIONGetting the package right – Considerations at the start of a project

Dietrich Stiller Presentation

Maria Kostytska Presentation


Vladimir Khvalei “Case Law Overview: corruption in arbitration” Presentation

Standards of Proof for Allegations of Corruption in International Arbitration

Using Red Flags to Prevent Arbitration from Becoming a Safe Harbour for Contracts that Disguise Corruption

THIRD SESSIONFinancial aspects of investment arbitration – Third Party Financing and impecunious parties 

Zannis Mavrogordato Presentation

Iain McKenny Presentation

Funding in Focus

Susan Dunn Presentation

FOURTH SESSIONInterest, costs and enforcement – What matters is the bottom line

Laura Hardin Presentation

Gene Burd Presentation



FIRST SESSION. States and State entities in arbitration

Volodymyr Yaremko, Senior Associateat Arzinger – Sovereign immunity from suit and enforcement, waiver and limits

SECOND SESSION. Multiple Parties, Multiple Contracts and Consolidation 

Ray Werbicki, Partner at Steptoe & Johnson –  The english approach to conflicting or inconsistent arbitration or jurisdiction clauses between the same parties, Note on conflicting or inconsistent arbitration or jurisdiction clauses between the same parties

Pavlo Byelousov, Counsel at AEQUO Law Firm – Joinder and Involvement of Third Parties in International Arbitration

Dmytro Donenko, Senior Associate at ENGARDE – Consolidation of arbitration proceedings


Soteris Pittas, Managing Director at Soteris Pittas & Co LLC – Waiver of a right to arbitrate under an international commercial arbitration agreement by resorting to litigation

Elke Umbeck, Partner at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek – Deceit, avoidance of contract and restitution

FOURTH SESSIONCorruption in Arbitration

Sergiy Gryshko, Senior Associate at CMS Cameron McKenna – Corruption in Arbitration: International Approaches,
Ukrainian Perspective

Nick Neocleous, Partner at Edwin Coe LLP – Arbitrators’ investigative rights and duties (and how they relate to corruption in arbitration) 

Olga Bischof, Associate at Brown Rudnick – Enforceability of awards and corruption


FIRST SESSION. Taking Stock of the Situation

Jim Bown, President at Vanco Prykerchenska Ltd, Vanco Ukraine Ltd – Presentation

SECOND SESSIONInternational Law Remedies – Possibilities and Weaknesses

Simon Olleson, Barrister at 13 Old Square Chambers – Dispute Resolution under UNCLOS

THIRD SESSION. The Way Forward – Hot Topics

Maria Kostytska, Of Counsel at Winston & Strawn – Russian Food Import Ban and Legal Remedies to Counter It



FIRST SESSION. Arbitrator’s Power to Adjudicate: Scope and Borderlines

Galina Zukova – The sources of the power to adjudicate
Christer Söderlund – The effects of res judicata
Richard Kreindler – Lis pendens: who defers to whom?
Mark C. Hilgard – Unauthorized Amiable Compositeur?
Marc Blessing – Extending the scope and reach of an arbitration clause to non-signatories / third parties Presentation 1  Presentation 2

SECOND SESSION. The Expert in International Arbitration: Role on the Chessboard?

Vadym Belyanevych – Expert in law: duty or loyalty? Ukr Rus Eng
Laura Hardin – The Expert in International Arbitration: Role on the Chessboard?
José Ricardo Feris – Arbitrator and expert: conflict scenario


Alex Volcic – Investigative support to arbitration – challenges and case studies

THIRD SESSION. An Award Set-Aside: Connecting the Dots

Evgen Kubko – Public Policy Considerations: Ukrainian Experience
Thomas Bevilacqua – Public Policy Implications for Arbitration: France
Yaroslav Klimov – The public policy exception in Russia: recent trends
Peter Straub – Setting Aside of Arbitral Awards: Switzerland – Presentation         Speech
Oleksiy Didkovsky – International public policy, transnational public policy: defining the concept

SPECIAL SESSION. Energy Disputes

Erhard Böhm – Revising the price or the price clause?
George von Mehren – Contracts signed under duress: meeting the burden of proof
Roman Stepanenko – Hardship Clauses: any added value?
Ana Stanic – EU Law in energy disputes



SECOND SESSION. Investment Protection – Treaty Structuring and Tax Planning

Richard Winston – Tax structuring with bilateral investment treaties

Eduardo Silva Romero – Denial of benefits

THIRD SESSION. Investment Protection and Government Contracts – Chances

Anke Meier – Stabilisation clauses

FOURTH SESSION. Investment Protection and Government Contracts – Risks

Luis Gonzales Garcia – Nationality requirements
Sergiy Gryshko – Waivers in Investor-State Contracts: Bringing Certainty to Investors and States
Eva Storskrubb – Choice of national law
Darya Rigaud – Forum selection

FIFTH SESSION. Investment Protection and Political Risk Insurance

Ivan Illescas – Political Risk Insurance (PRI): Role of PRI in Protecting Foreign Investments
Dietrich Stiller – Investment Protection and Political Risk Insurance: The German Perspective



Session 1
Tetiana Bersheda – Law applicable to arbitrability and conflict of law rules: how to opt for the right one?
Oleksandr Martinenko – Lex arbitri/the chosen law of the contract v. mandatory rules of the law of a third country
Alexey Filatov – Arbitrability of Corporate Disputed in CIS and Western Europe
Mariia Puchyna – The Impact of Arbitration on Sovereign Immunity

Session 2
Prof. Gianmaria Ajani – Interim measures & Arbitration: Italian law
Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz – Emergency Arbitrator in International Arbitration Practice
Johan Lundstedt – Emergency Arbitration – the SCC experience
Soteris Pittas – Norwich pharmacal and discovery orders in Cyprus contest
Simon Bushell – Freezing injunctions in International Arbitration
Gene M. Burd – Interim measures in the United States

Session 3
Günther J. Horvath – Arbitrator and counsel: Sitting on two chairs?

Jurriaan Braat – Seven decisive factors why a third party funder will accept or reject your case

Meg Kinnear – ICSID: overview


Session 1
Fredrik Andersson – Effective settlement negotiations — and when to end them
Markiyan Kliuchkovskyi – Treaty Claims vs. Contract Claims: Uncertainty is Certain 

Session 2
Meg Kinnear – Commencing Arbitration at ICSID 
Veijo Heiskanen – Commencing Investment Treaty Arbitration:  ICSID v. Non-ICSID 

Session 3
Christophe Guibert de Bruet – Document production and other disclosure issues
Vojtìch Trapl – To bifurcate or not to bifurcate Presentation   Speech
Olga Boltenko – Setting the stage on procedural details at the outset

Session 4
The Battle – Cross-examination

Session 5
Oleksandr Vodyannikov – Parallel Commercial and Treaty-Based Arbitrations
Loukas Mistelis – Award as an Investment: The Value of an Award or the Cost of Non-Enforcement 
Johannes Koepp – Treaty Arbitration and National Courts – Friends or Foes



Erhard Bohm & Irina Nazarova – Confidentiality and its limits

Gene M. Burd – Cross Examination In International Arbitration

Anne Hoffmann – Deference of a maximalist position on document production

Maciej Jamka – Awarding costs in international arbitration

Markiyan Kliuchkovskyi – Ethical Issues of Parties, Witnesses and Counsel In International Arbitration

Gisela Knuts – Cost Control Mechanisms – What Can the Tribunal Do?

Bartosz Krużewski – Expert witness v. tribunal appointed expert

Allan Z. Litovsky – Challenges to arbitrators in the United States of America

Markian Malskyy – Contemporary methods of damages evaluation in international arbitration

Bo G. H. Nilsson – Arbitrator Independence – where are the problems?

Paweł Pietkiewicz – The changing role of national courts during arbitral proceedings

Per Runeland – For a minimum of document production

Johan Sidklev – Challenge to Arbitrators under Swedish Law in Light of the IBA Guidelines

Tatyana Slipachuk – Evidence in international arbitration: practical overview

Matthew Weiniger – Freezing Orders

Galina Zukova – Institutional role in costs control

Special guest – An introduction to ICSID



Session 1. Comprehensive protection of investment – managing risks

Dmitri Evseev – Investment Treaty Disputes and Restructuring an Investment: What You Should And Should Not Do

Sergiy Gryshko – State-Entities and Veil Piercing: Seek or hide the assets

Sabine Konrad – Enforcement and State Entities: What are the Chances? Is it a Catch 22?

Bruno D. Leurent – Investor`s failure to seek amicable settlement may preclude arbitration of the dispute

Annette Magnusson – The SCC Experience of Investment Treaty Arbitration

Michael D. Nolan – Structuring investments to achieve treaty protections and address tax issues

Luminita Popa – Contracting with the state common pitfalls

Sergei Voitovich – Settlement v. Unfavorable Award