1. How is the program created?

The program is created by the Organizing Committee.

We do not limit our speakers in what they are willing to share with the audience. However, we kindly ask them to follow the general line created by the Organizing Committee.

2. May I speak on the topic of my own choice?

We always welcome your ideas and are ready to consider them at the Organizing Committee.

If you think that you have something interesting to share, please kindly send your ideas here.

Please note, however, that the program is created in January – February of each year. Once the program is approved, we would not be able to make changes in the program.

3. How can I become a speaker or moderator?

We do not limit the participation of speakers.

If you feel committed becoming a speaker or moderator, please send your CV and preferred topic from the Program here.

The decision whether to include a particular speaker or moderator into the program is taken jointly by the Organizing Committee.

4. Do you accept a sponsorship support?

Yes, we do. If you or your company is willing to support Kyiv Arbitration Days, your help would be really appreciated.

Kyiv Arbitration Days, however, strives to be a free platform open to anyone.

Therefore we do not use “pay to play principle”.

If you are interested in our sponsorship packages, please have a look here.

5. Do you cover transportation and accommodation costs for speakers and moderators?

Being a non-profit organization, Ukrainian Bar Association is not able to cover any travel costs.

Speakers and Moderators, therefore, are kindly invited to cover travel expenses on their own.


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