Instructions for Zoom Participants

How to start

  • Important! Please update your Zoom application or download the latest version (Zoom for meetings) at Simultaneous interpretation takes place during the event, so please use the Zoom application. The web version does not have a function of interpretation

  • Please make sure that your internet connection is stable

  • If you are using a tablet or a smartphone, make sure your battery is fully charged. Zoom uses considerable

How to join

  • To join the event, follow the link you received from UBA Webinar ( to your e-mail address

  • You may find yourself in a “waiting room” set up by the Wait to be brought into the meeting.
  • While you are waiting, please check your settings

Main control bar of Zoom display (bottom on your computer), top on iPad

  • Move the cursor or touch the bottom/top of the Zoom window if you don’t see the control
  • You can have the menu to be permanently displayed from the Accessibility settings
  • Press “More” for menu options that don’t fit on your screen

Chat icon

  • Click to open a text window to chat with individual participants or everyone
  • You can enlarge the font in the Chat box from the Accessibility settings

Raise your hand for questions

  • Click the hand icon in the middle of the main control bar of Zoom display. Click again to lower your hand

Questions and Answers


  • During a webinar, participants can ask text questions to the speakers
  • To ask a question, please click the Question and Answer icon of the main control bar of Zoom display and  enter the question
  • The answer is given by the Host/Speaker of the webinar in the answer field


  • During a webinar, hosts and speakers can create polls and share the results with the participants

Language interpretation

  • How to start it:

If you use a smartphone/tablet please click on “More > Language interpretation” and select a language. If you want to hear only interpretation, please click on “Mute Original Audio”

If you use your computer, click on the globe icon on the main control bar of Zoom display and choose desired language

Display Control in the upper right

  • Gallery view shows “Hollywood squares” type view of all speakers
  • Smartphones and tablets may need to scroll right or left to see all speakers
  • Speaker view puts the speaker in a larger image in the center of your display

When you are done

  • The red “Leave Meeting” button allows you to exit the meeting at any You can rejoin the meeting if it is still underway